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Electronic water can reduce oxidative stress in cancer and diabetes patients

for three weeks drinking

International Conference on Metabolomics and Diabetology

Journal of Diabetes & Metablolism

Oxidative stress means a state there is imbalance between the oxidizing action and the reducing action due to reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a living body, resulting in the oxidizing action becoming dominant.

Oxidative stress arises as the balance between production and removal is disrupted through excessive production of ROS and impairment of the antioxidant system.

Oxidative stress has been reported to be involved in the onset and progress of various diseases. Characteristics of type 2 diabetes are insulin secretion failure and insulin resistance, but it seems that oxidative stress is greatly involved in insulin secretion failure.

In the insulin secretion-inducing β cells of Langerhans islets in the pancreas, the amount of superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is representative of the ROS elimination system, is small and resistance to oxidative stress is considered to be weak.

Regarding cancer, it is well known that chronic inflammatory conditions increase the risk of carcinogenesis. Cells such as neutrophils and macrophages are activated in the inflammation area leading to increase in production of active oxygen and nitric oxide.

These free radicals cause DNA mutation and cell proliferation thereby promoting cancer development.

When chronic inflammation is present, cancer develops more easily. Electronic water, which was developed to generate electron in water, was consumed for three weeks, after meals, between meals and before sleeping six times a day, and according to the test subjects' possible time periods. The amount of drinking water was 750-1000mL, and BAP and d-ROMs checks for all cases were carried out at 4:30pm.

The results of cancer patients and diabetes patients were seen as attached. As a result, the d-ROMs value in the degree of oxidative stress has reduced, and the BAP value, which is an indicator of plasma antioxidant capacity, has improved significantly. onuma@trisguide.com



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TOGAKUSHI Electronic water


What is "Togaku Electric Water"

"Todoke Electric Water" is water born from the development of medical equipment.

"Togaku Electric Water" uses the famous water of Nagano Prefecture, spring water of Togakushi in Japan.

"Togakushi Electronic water " is completed by giving electrons to the pure spring water with the medical equipment newly developed by us.

Voice of customer


「It's been about a week since I started drinking, but my chronic fatigue and headaches improved considerably.

I am surprised at too much effect.

I feel that the potential of the whole body has improved dramatically.

Thank you very much. I would like to continue drinking from now on.」

Mr.S in Japan

「I have drunk it in hot summer tennis practice,

I have improved my endurance,

My friends were tired,but I was OK」

Tokyo, Tennis shop "T-bear" Mr. Noguchi, tennis coach, Gohsen stringer.

There is no water to cook rice delicious so far.

BEPPIN, famous Restaurant in Japan


Freshness lasts long by soaking fruits in this Electronic water.

CLOVAR , high class sweets store, Japan



Taste of cake, bread and tea have improved in level.

FRANDAR, Japanese confectionery store,Shizuoka pref, in Japan





Our mission

Our mission is to help people around the world to prevent medicine and to improve the situation of those under treatment.



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